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Article: 【Day 2】We're at the Thailand Game Show!

【Day 2】We're at the Thailand Game Show!

Today is a huge hit!

Continuing from yesterday, we're here to share the excitement of the "Thailand Game Show 2023". As it's the weekend, it's bustling even more than yesterday, with the venue overflowing with visitors!

IIJAN's new product, the "PAC-MAN" Customized T-Shirt, has arrived!

One of our objectives on this trip was to unveil our first licensed product with Bandai Namco! Following the Customized T-Shirt series of Cyber Formula that we released last year, we were blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with the legendary arcade game "PAC-MAN".
You can purchase it from here (please confirm your region first)
The main point is, you can order your preferred shirt by combining the design patterns on the left chest (5 types) and back (3 types) of the shirt.
Various slightly retro-chic designs.
The "1980" message and the vivid color combination of PAC-MAN & Ghost pop out against the black shirt.
Launched in 1980, this work is a title that can be said to be a hero of the dawn of games that is still loved all over the world. The latest and greatest works on display at the Thailand Game Show are wonderful, but we are focusing on the retro coolness that this 30-year-old game exudes. IIJAN will continue to design licensed game-related products, including "PAC-MAN"!
(Photo by Denise from 11JAN)

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