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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 9: Witnessing the Professional Work of Amazing Voice Actors


【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 9: Witnessing the Professional Work of Amazing Voice Actors

Finally, the recording for the first episode of "Cyber Formula SAGA" is about to begin. For me, this is the first time meeting the voice actors. While I had met some of them through other projects...

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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 8: "The Work of a Recording Engineer is Truly 'Professional Territory'!"

After the vocal recording, the track-down work begins. Music producer Fujita selects the tracks that match the intended singing style from the many recorded tracks. Focusing on the main vocal trac...

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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 7: "What's a Demo!? The Emotions Behind Theme Songs"

What is a "Demo Tape"? A "demo tape" refers to a medium that contains audio recordings made during the production process. The term "demo" is short for "demonstration." I just googled this up now. ...

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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 6: "What is the Role of Anime Magazines?"

I don't remember exactly when the title "New Century GPX Cyber Formula SAGA" was decided. However, since the release date of the first volume was set for August 1996 and we had to make various anno...

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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 5: "The Producer's Job Is a Bit of a Guessing Game, Any Problems?"

The location and name of the studio have been decided. Young staff like production progress managers, setting creators, desks, and production office staff are gathering at the studio. It's a new s...

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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 4: " Future GPX Cyber Formula, It All Started with a Wonderful Encounter"

It all started with Yoshii-san, followed by Nakagawa-san, Sashida-san, Fukuda-san, and Ryosawa-san. Next, as instructed by Fukuda-san, I had to meet with Inomata (Mutsumi) to have she draw the orig...

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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】 Episode 3: "A New Producer's First Job is Chaotic"

In 1995, I became a producer through unexpected and surprising circumstances. Even now, I don't have any clear memories of being genuinely happy about it. "I'm happy, but..." The reason for that "...

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【Furusato P Anime Path】Episode 2: "Surprising Developments and the Birth of a New Producer"

During the hot summer when I was 26, in July, I joined Sunrise Inc. I started as a production progress staff, and midway switched to setting production for "Mister Ajikko." I then worked on setting...

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【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】 Episode 1: "Was the Path to Anime Decided from Childhood?!"

Hello to those meeting me for the first time and to those who know me through anime, let me introduce myself. My name is Naotake Furusato, and I am a producer involved in planning and production of...

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