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Article: We have launched the first in a series of customizable T-shirts from "Future GPX Cyber Formula".

We have launched the first in a series of customizable T-shirts from "Future GPX Cyber Formula".

Sales began on our e-commerce site from April 8th, 2022!
*Due to licensing agreements, the available regions for sale are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and China.
The concept for this new product line started by focusing on the beautiful artwork of renowned artists who participated in the Cyber Formula TV anime, such as Mutsumi Inomata and Shoji Kawamori. We wondered if it was possible to somehow wear their beautiful brushwork, which has not faded even after 30 years. Could we make it into an accessible product that fans could get their hands on? The solution to these development concerns was provided by Brother Industries, a pride of Japan.
Thanks to their high-performance garment printer, the GTX pro, we were able to successfully express the vibrant colors and brush movements of the original artwork on T-shirts. We also used their representative embroidery machine to embellish the left chest with the "SUGO" logo mark as a one-point embroidery, loved by all Cyber fans.
The body of the shirt that holds these beautiful prints and embroideries is a heavyweight body made of 100% cotton, a material we carefully selected. The fabric is not too thin to reveal underwear, and it has a comfortable touch and weight. We have completed a high-quality product suitable for adults to wear.
To give customers a sense of luxury and uniqueness, we have assigned serial numbers to each piece of artwork.
Customers can choose from:
‧Your preferred shirt body color (white or black)
‧Four types of artwork on the back
‧Five sizes from S to XXL
on our e-commerce site.
The artwork adopted this time is from four original TV series. We will continue the "customizable T-shirt" series with these as the first installment.
Please look forward to the anime collaboration products handled by our company in the future.

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