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about Us

In order to satisfy the customer, say: "それ、いいじゃん! (This is really good!)".

IIJAN was founded in Hong Kong in 2019, producing animation and game merchandise.

Next, we will introduce our values. I hope you will take a moment to read them.

Meet the diverse needs of fans

Like everyone else, we grew up on Japanese animation and games. From the 1980s to the present, we respect and value the animations, games, and characters that add color to the stories.

It was designed just because I am a fan

Our team, like everyone else, grew up watching Japanese animation and playing Japanese games, so we have a lot of ideas and plans. For example: making clothes for adults to wear every day; printed products, and three-dimensional plushes. We will continue to challenge product planning that only fans can think of.

One of Japan's official licensees

In order for the IP born in Japan to continue to flourish in the world, we are proud of "genuine authorized products" and continue to fight against ubiquitous pirated products. At the same time, we respect every copyright holder and the people who create these contents to ensure that new works can continue to be created.

It is not only your neighbor, but also a bridge connecting overseas countries.

The original reason for establishing the company was to use animation and games to connect Japan and Hong Kong, but now it has a higher ambition, which is to connect Japan and the world. At the same time, we hope to be close to every fan and become a manufacturer within easy reach. We work happily every day and strive to achieve our mission.