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Another good day( 今日もいいじゃん)


【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 12: "Summoning Mecha Animation Director Shigeta! And What a Producer Should Do?"


【Furusato P (Producer) Anime Path】Episode 12: "Summoning Mecha Animation Director Shigeta! And What a Producer Should Do?"

With the release of Volume 1 underway, it also meant that the release of Volume 2 was approaching. In the production scene, the production assistants were working hard on Volume 2 and Volume 3, but...

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【Day 2】我哋嚟到泰國 GAME SHOW 2023!

【Day 2】We're at the Thailand Game Show!

Today is a huge hit! Continuing from yesterday, we're here to share the excitement of the "Thailand Game Show 2023". As it's the weekend, it's bustling even more than yesterday, with the venue over...

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【Day 1】我哋嚟到泰國 GAME SHOW 2023!

【Day 1】We've come to the Thailand Game Show 2023!

THAILAND GAME SHOW 2023! Today, We've come to the "Thailand Game Show 2023," which is held from October 20th to 22nd! We, at IIJAN, are assisting Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia.   (Photo by...

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客人讚不絕口的「SAND LAND」的商品

How Our "Sand Land" Movie Merchandise Was Joyfully Received by Customers

Release Day of the Movie "Sand Land" On August 18th, the release day of the movie "Sand Land", my colleague Hibiki-chan and I (Suzuki) were in Nagoya, Japan. We traveled from Hong Kong Internationa...

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日本名古屋舉辦紀念「SAND LAND」上映的活動。

"Sand Land" Movie Release Celebration! We Planned and Implemented an Event in Japan

Working on a piece by a renowned Japanese manga artist... The movie "Sand Land", which was released in Japan on August 18, 2023, and is currently a big hit. I believe it's known to dedicated anim...

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Restarting the Shachou blog

Long-awaited "IIJAN" status update   Hello everyone, it's been a long time!   This is Suzuki from IIJAN Limited.   It's been a long time since my last blog post, and I'm very sorry f...

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《高智能方程式》客製化特別原畫T-shirt Ver.1.0 公開發售

We have launched the first in a series of customizable T-shirts from "Future GPX Cyber Formula".

Sales began on our e-commerce site from April 8th, 2022! *Due to licensing agreements, the available regions for sale are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and China.   The concept for this new produ...

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To answer “Why is our base in Hong Kong?”

なぜわたしたちは日本からきて、Hong Kong でお事事を初めたのか? This is the second place in Hong Kong.

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To answer "Why did we choose Future GPX Cyber Formula?"

The first product of our company was from "Future GPX Cyber Formula".   At the Hong Kong GP in 2021, we received high praise for the scale and content of our event, as well as our products, wh...

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我哋係 IIJAN LIMITED,初次見面,請多多指教。

Nice to meet you, we are IIJAN Limited.

When the society is closed, it will be closed. From now on, ともlast long くよろしくおwilling い神し上げます.

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